In this article, we would like to discuss some most unpleasant and terrible moments for any DotA 2 player. What is bad about DotA 2?

Terrible Lane Phase

We are all used to think badly about DotA 2 when things go wrong for us. I think, everyone experienced times when it was just impossible to play the laning phase normally. Enemies don’t allow you to farm or can even kill you right after you approach creeps. The game starts like that… and here is your tilt!

As a result, it will be very difficult for you to come back to your normal game after several minutes of pain and suffering. And the most frequent reason for that is not an imbalanced combination picked by opponents. The point is the wrong lane positioning of your team: like two melee characters on one lane; a wrong hero picked for the hard lane, two carry heroes faming one lane, etc. These things can just leave no chance for any teamplay. Though, all of such troubles could be avoided yet on the pick stage.

Courier Kill

The next point for a “bad DotA” is the loss of a courier. The most unpleasant situation possible is the courier kill when you expect to get a new just purchased item. Courier kills never happen by accident. As a rule, heroes like Bounty Hunter or Furion kill it.

Or it happens when you fight on your enemy’s side of the map and forget that ordered a courier to fly to you earlier. So, don’t be too lazy to spend a few seconds to guide a courier through the non-standard route once you see BH or Furion in the enemy team. And if you feel the fight is about to happen, you better just postpone using a courier.


Let’s suppose you decided to play as Wraith King and then suddenly noticed Anti-Mage, Nyx or Quas-Wex Invoker picked to play against you.  After that, when your Reincarnation doesn’t work a couple times, you start blaming DotA for everything, not yourself. But the point is that when you pick a carry or a mid lane hero first, you let your opponents prepare some bad surprise for your team. That is why professional esports players never pick their key characters at once.

Items Lost

Why else can DotA 2 be bad? Of course, because of lost items 🙂 Examples are simple to find here: you farm neutrals as Axe, put your Tranquils out of your stash, turn away for a second, and… Well, goodbye, green boots! I bet many players have no wish to continue playing the match after such a nasty thing occurs. Or you decide to restore mana like a PRO! You put Arcane boots out on the ground and then the evil invisible enemy takes your item away.

But then again, every situation like that is YOUR fault, not a bad DotA! Just teach yourself to take items back quickly or throw them directly under your feet. And don’t forget about invisible enemy characters that always can be nearby.


The scariest nightmare for a DotA 2 player to blame everyone and to call DotA 2 the worst game ever is when they lose the Divine Rapier. Really, you can’t imagine the situation worse than that.

Players buy the Rapier when they’re glad with an easy game or when they need their last chance during despair moments. At any case, the most Epic Fail is when that Rapier falls off your dead body. Losing gold is OK, but gifting 300 damage to enemies usually means a lost match and a spoiled mood. So, you better don’t risk and buy some other item to finish the game and avoid taking a lot of moral damage and rage from your teammates.   

These were not all moments when DotA 2 could be the worst game ever. Tell us what your most recent bad DotA episode was, share this article with your friends and stay with our DotA2 Club to be aware of latest news and avoid missing interesting articles about our favorite game!

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