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Different types of fertility specialists

Nowadays fertility issues are very common and there are various reasons behind all of them. Among which diet, stress and life style are some of the major ones. And these issues are not only restricted with females in fact males can also have fertility complications. But now the main question arises that whom you should consult for your fertility issues? In the following article you will find a list of doctors who serve as fertility specialists so make sure that you read about of all of them thoroughly.


Urologist is one of those specialists who have specialized in diagnosing and treating conditions associated with male fertility. The male fertility issues could either be treated by a urologist alone or a reproductive endocrinologist may be needed along. He or she is responsible to treat various complications like reproductive infections, testicular torsion, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation issues, undescended testes and much more. If you are having any such issue then make sure that you find the best urology doctor in Dubai.

Reproductive endocrinologist

The second type of fertility specialist is reproductive endocrinologist. He or she is considered to be a gynecologist who possess additional training in fertility treatments. These reproductive endocrinologist are responsible to treat various fertility issues not only in males but in females as well. If you are looking for in vitro fertilization then you will need the best reproductive endocrinologist but before that make sure that have checked the IVF cost in Dubai. Not only this, in fact such fertility specialists will also help in preserving fertility in cancer patients.

Reproductive surgeon

Although the reproductive endocrinologist can also perform surgical procedures but reproductive surgeon is someone who have specialized training in it. On the same side reproductive surgeons are believed to be one of those fertility specialists who can also treat several complicated issues apart from just conceiving. Like for instance these specialities can remove fibroids and can also treat endometriosis surgically. A reproductive surgeon will also perform tubal ligations or vasectomies. Such type of fertility specialists are primarily either a urologist or a gynecologist.

So these were some different type of fertility specialists whom you may consult for your case. But make one thing sure that you pick the specialist as per the need of your condition. Also don’t forget to check the reputation, qualification and experience before consulting any fertility specialist.