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Types of Tiles and Their Benefits

Types of Tiles and Their Benefits

Choosing what kind of floor you should keep, it can be very difficult. Because it can be very excitingly difficult to decide that what type of floor you should choose from. You can choose the best tiles in UAE to concrete floor types. Having tiles on floor is the best way to make your home look nice and it increases the value of your home too.

Some people tend to add tiles all over in their home. If you love to cook and you are one of those people who loves a nice looking and a wide kitchen then you will be over whelmed to know that there are kitchen wall tiles as well. the market is full of different types of tiles but that does not mean that you can select any tile type. All tiles have their pros and cons, we will start with the good stuff and below, you will see a list of tiles and their benefits.

Ceramic Tiles: this is the most popular and the most common type of tile too. They are easy to install and they are very much durable. These tiles are usually installed in bathrooms and kitchens and even splash backs. If you want to know what a ceramic is like, put water on the back of the tile and if it soaks water, it is then a ceramic. The benefit of this tile is that easy to clean as well.

Porcelain Tiles: it is a type of ceramic tile but this type of tile is more durable and more resistant as compared to the ceramic tile and these are used in commercial areas where there is heavy human traffic. If you want to know that if it is a porcelain tile, then put water on the back of the tile and the water should NOT soak. Another benefit is that these tiles come in different variations and they come in large sizes.

Marble Tiles: these are the most beautiful and vintage looking tiles and these are usually used in kitchen countertops. If you want to know that it is an authentic marble then you will see veins in the marble tile.

Granite Tile: you can see these types of tiles in luxury hotels and if you want to know that the tile is authentic, then you must know that this tile has a polished look and it has a smooth back. It is stain-resistant and it is also very durable.