Dubai, UAE

Spending good time outside with your pets – here’s what you can do

Now that spring has arrived, it’s the ideal time for you and your pet to get out of the house and into nature. Try one of these outdoor games that you and your pet will both love — and don’t forget to hold plenty of water to keep your pet hydrated!

Take a stroll!

Taking your pets on a stroll is the tried and tested best way to experience the outdoors for them. Putting on a lead (and a harness) and putting one foot in front of the other is what it takes. Not only is it easy, but regular walking has been shown to be extremely helpful to both your pet’s and your own health!

Trails for Hiking

Just wait till you take your pet on a stroll and see how much they enjoyed all the sniffs on the trip! There is a plethora of hiking opportunities all around us. If you relocate dog recently, a hiking app may have a list of local choices, including whether or not pets are permitted on the trail.

Fetch is a fun game.

Maybe you don’t have time to go for a walk with your pet. No worries, please go outside and play fetch with your pet! Throwing the ball is a perfect way for your pet to get some exercise and relieve tension. Animals love doing a mission that tests both their physical and mental abilities. Fetch is also a perfect way for you and your pet to communicate.

Parks for Pets

Pet parks are a wonderful way to get some play and meet new people. Pets at the pet park, like children on a playground, learn a lot more than learning how to play football. However, socialization can be difficult. Pets are also creatures, and they have the ability to attack, so keep an eye on your child and be ready to intervene if necessary.

Friendship Picnic

Why don’t you and your pet have some socialization? Make a call to your pet-mom and pet-dad buddies to arrange a get-together for the kids at someone’s home. While all of the same precautions as at the pet park apply, understanding the pets ahead of time and whether or not they are vaccinated removes a lot of the burden.

Some Water Activities

I always paddleboard and kayak with my pet! Some pets enjoy being on boats as well, but I would never force one of these activities on your pet if they are uncomfortable with it. Even for our expert swimmers, life vests are still a smart idea. If they were to sustain an illness, the vest might very well save their life.

If any incident happens, or your pet needs a routine checkup, sign in for an appointment with your Dubai vet.