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Healthier Indian food items

Healthier Indian food items

Well, Indian food is receiving great popularity through out the world. There are several reasons behind all this fame and popularity but the major ones are that Indian cuisine possess delicious taste, mind refreshing aroma and most importantly great health as well. Many of you must be thinking that how good taste and health could be found in one single cuisine right? Well, this is so because a lot of people think that healthier food is not good in taste and delicious food offers zero health benefit. But Indian food had prove this wrong and it is believed that it offers great taste with health.

This is why people around the globe are crazy when it comes to Indian food and all of them want to find the best Indian fine dining restaurants Dubai. But before picking the top Indian restaurant Dubai, make sure that you know about the different healthier Indian food items in order to have full command over the information of health benefits of Indian cuisine. In the following article you will find some of the major Indian food items which are best for your health so keep on reading.


We all know that how important it is, to have sufficient energy from our diet, right? For this purpose roti is one of the best choices in Indian cuisine. Some people also call it chapatti and it is very rich in carbohydrates, which ultimately offers great energy to the eater. And guess what? If you are weight conscious then roti is the ideal choice for you as it is rich in energy but low in calories so you don’t have to worry about getting fat or whatsoever.

Brown rice

Another healthy food item of Indian cuisine is brown rice. Well, brown rice is rich in nutrients and a great source of carbohydrates. A lot of people get confused with the term of carbohydrate as they think that now they will get fat. But this is not with brown rice as it is having healthier carbohydrates.


Well, probiotics is one of the essential nutrients of our body as we all know that our body is having good bacteria as well. This kind of natural bacterial flora basically prevents our body from any disease and maintains the overall functionality. Indian diet is very rich in probiotics because yoghurt is mainly used while making these delicious dishes. Yoghurt is made from the fermentation of milk and thus it is a rich source of calcium and healthy bacteria for digestive system.