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Everything That You Need to Know About Applying for Canadian Visa Online

If you want to know everything about applying for an online Canada visit visa from Qatar, do your homework and research. It’s important that you must get appointments for the enrollment of biometrics at your nearby visa application center. If you have a scheduled visit, you can avoid long waiting and avail prompt service at the same time.

You even have the option to request for an emergency appointment, you can do it by providing proof of the emergency.

Your hands should be henna-free or any such thing to avoid interruption in the biometric verification process. A non-compliant applicant will have to go to the visa application center with a new date of appointment, which will be after one month. Follow the below steps if you want to apply for the Visa online.

Step 1:

To get complete instructions to submit a visa application online visit the IRRCC site. The “Apply Online” section will provide you with all the required information.

If there is a need to provide biometrics, post your submission of an e-application and will get a Biometric Instruction Letter. Once you receive it, go to the visa application center for submitting the biometrics.

Step 2:

For submitting biometrics, make sure to get an appointment for your biometric enrolment. After your appointment is fixed, an appointment letter with a reference number will be given to you.

The appointment letter contains details, such as your appointment location, time and date along with other important info about additional services and security.

In case, you don’t have to submit biometrics, wait for the processing of your application.

Step 3:

On your appointment day, make sure you reach there at least 15 minutes to get familiar with the environment. Your Biometric Instruction Letter, appointment letter, and original passport are a must to accompany you there.

You will get a confirmation notice after the biometric enrolment is done, that the visa application center has collected your biometric.

Step 4:

After a decision has been made for your application, you will get a Passport Request Letter in your email. Or, you can check your MyCIC account for any updates.

Once you receive the Passport Request Letter, submit your passport and the letter at the application center for the visa.

These are the easy and effortless 4 steps that you may want to follow if you want to apply for a Canadian visa online.

The Canadian visa is considered to be much easier to acquire than going through the processing of US visa application in Qatar. However, applying online in the current scenario has become a must to-do for travelling in any part of the world.