This is the introductory article about DotA 2 betting. It will be useful for players willing to bet on esports but not knowing much about it yet. Here we are going to tell shortly about DotA 2 history, bookmaking companies and esports bookmakers accepting bets on this game, and to mention main factors to consider when going in for DotA 2 betting.

How Big is DotA 2?

DotA 2 is one of the most popular esports disciplines. Its developer and publisher, the Valve company, organizes a competition named The International every year and invites best teams from all over the world to take part in it. The prize pool of the last The International reached more than $25 500 000. This sum is actually equal to that of some big competitions in “real” sports.

Nowadays, standard prize pools of DotA 2 tournaments are not less than $200 000. More than 200 000 people watch broadcasts and streams daily. In many countries, big competitions are broadcasted on local TV-channels. For instance, in 2013 the Swedish entertainment channel TV – 6 together with DreamHack TV announced The International 3 broadcasting. In China, they frequently discuss DotA 2 on national television channels (CCTV). Competition broadcasts on the Chinese national TV gather millions of viewers.

Throughout time, computer games get acknowledged and accepted all over the world. The Korean e-Sports Players Association (KeSPA) successfully promoted esports to the level 2 of Olympic sports disciplines on the conference in Seoul on January 27, 2015. The Korean Olympic Committee admitted the decision to accept esports as Olympic disciplines.

For now, we do not know if they meant some defined games or all common esports disciplines were included. It is worth reminding that esports have to get the level 1 category to finally become accepted as the Olympic sports. So, it is quite possible for esports to appear on Olympic Games of 2020 or 2024.

Short History of DotA 2 Betting

The basis for popularity growth of DotA 2 was taken from its ancestor – DotA. The first DotA map appeared in 2003. But the most popular of them became the DotA Allstars developed by IceFrog since 2005. DotA Allstars gained huge interest from community because of the popularity reached by the RTS game Warcraft III itself. Time passed by, IceFrog added new map versions bringing new heroes and changing the gameplay. But the game engine got older and older year after year, and community members were asking Warcraft developers (Blizzard) to create a remake of their beloved game. Blizzard hadn’t been making any official statements about the support of DotA. So, Valve noticed the game.

On the October 13, 2010, IceFrog and Valve announced the release of DotA 2. On august 15, 2011, the official game trailer was published. Several days later, they started accepting applications for the closed beta testing, but the official release of the game happened only on July 9, 2013, after 2 years of beta status.

The history of DotA 2 betting started since the first game appearance on GamesCom 2011 in Cologne (17-21 of August, 2011). The Pinnacle Sports bookmaking company noticed the huge potential of this game from the very beginning, and gave a betting line for the very first DotA 2 competition: The International 1. It should be noted that earlier Pinnacle Sports had their lines for StarCraft II and Counter Strike 1.6 finals betting.

The interest about DotA 2 grew for both viewers and investors. The number of competitions significantly increased within 6 years and this led to new players and bigger bet frequencies. In December 2014, Pinnacle Sports claimed that the overall number of esports bets throughout history exceeded the 1 000 000 mark. Nowadays, players going in for DotA 2 betting have a big choice of events and a wide bet line.

DotA 2: What Can You Bet On?

DotA 2 tournament matches have following formats:

  • Best-of-1 (1 team victory in 1 round);
  • Best-of-2 (2 rounds where draw or team victory is possible);
  • Best-of-3 (3 rounds till 2 team victories);
  • Best-of-5 (5 rounds till 3 team victories).

Classical bookmaking companies give the following betting line for DotA 2:

  • Winning team bet: everything’s clear here, you bet on one of two teams to win the match;
  • Round victory bet:  you bet on a team to win one of rounds;
  • Asian handicaps.

Esports bookmaking companies provide the following additional choices:

  • “FirstBlood” bet: which team takes the first kill on enemy player;
  • “Willtakefirst 10 kills” bet: which team takes 10 kills first;
  • “FirstRoshan” bet: which team kills Roshan first. Roshan is the strongest neutral monster in DotA 2. After its death, it always gives Aegis of the Immortal to loot: the player who picks it receives one additional life for 5 minutes;
  • “Round duration” bet: the bet to define the length of total round duration: more/less in minutes.

My personal opinion is quite simple: classical bookmaking line choices are quite enough. It’s difficult to predict additional bet line results. The favorite team can easily fail the early game phase and your bets on additional records will lose by default after that.

How to Guide: DotA 2 Betting

1. Find a Good Information Resource

The chosen website should provide the possibility to:

  • Track latest team results, overall ranking place: you can understand what shape the team has at this very moment;
  • Track the statistics of personal games;
  • Get more information about the competition: prize pool, rules, list of participants, table and brackets;
  • Find records of past games and broadcasts of future ones.

2. Select Matches

This is a very important aspect you definitely should pay attention to.

  • Check if the match is important for the team you want to bet on. If the match does not influence their tournament position, the team can easily play not doing their best, test new strategies, play without main players, etc.
  • Take the team’s schedule into account: it is difficult to play several game series during the day.
  • Learn tournament rules. They are critical: if teams competing there are from different region, then the server holding the game has great meaning. Moments can be decisive in DotA 2.
  • Sometimes, players can suffer from DDoS-attacks. Most tournament organizations give some time to solve such problems. If the problem can’t be solved, the team plays the rest of the match in minority. They do not refund bets on such matches. No team can be totally secured from such problems, but less professional teams are more frequent to get DDoS-attacked. Remember about this when choosing matches to bet on.

3. Track Social Media Accounts of Teams You Plan to Bet On

This is the way to:

  • Find out about possible team substitutions and changes;
  • Stay aware of possible changes in game schedules or time shifts;
  • Know the internal “team kitchen”, possible trainings, team boot camps, etc.;
  • Track mental and physical conditions of players.

4. Experience Matters

When making bets on tournament LAN finals, you need to take the team experience into account. The fact that the team was good when playing online does not mean they will show the equal game level during LAN events when the audience sits in front of them.

5. No Guaranteed Bets

DotA 2 is a very unpredictable game with no undisputed distance leader. Consider this fact when making bets.

And let your bets be victorious!

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