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Successful businesswomen that you should know about

Successful businesswomen that you should know about

Women are doing all sorts of work that men do now. There was a time when women were not allowed to do much but now the times have changed and that is why they are doing all sorts of businesses as well.

Business does not see that it is a man or a woman, it just needs dedication and that is what every man and woman does when they start a business in RAKICC. If you are a kind of person who is a woman and wants some kind of motivation, then we suggest that you keep reading the list below because here, we have mentioned about the most successful women in the world who are doing business. Read more below:

  1. The first person is the master of many fields and he name is Angela Merkel and her net worth is 11.5 million dollars. She is now a German politician and she was a former research scientist. Though she does not do any kind of business but she is said to be the most powerful women in the world and among men as well.
  2. The next female is Sofia Vergara and he is said to be the most successful and popular businesswomen of all because she is a talented actress and a model and she has worked for huge companies like Pepsi, head and shoulders, diet pepsi, cover girl, and many more and her net worth is 37 million dollars.
  3. Next female is Arianna Huffington and her net worth is 50 million dollars and she is the founder of The Huffington Post and she sold the company to AOL in 315 million dollars but she is still the big part of the operational team.
  4. Next female is Debbie Fields and her net worth is 65 million dollars and he is the founder of Mrs. Fields Bakeries and it is one the biggest fresh bakeries in the United States. She has 650 bakeries in 11 countries and 80 bakeries in United States alone.
  5. Next female is Susan Wojcicki and her net worth is 350 million dollars and she was born in America and she studied from Harvard University. Google was created in her garage and she became the first marketing manager of Google and now she is the CEO of YouTube.