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Business Setup In Dubai – Here Is What You Need To Know About It

Business Setup In Dubai - Here Is What You Need To Know About It

If you have just enough capital and wish to start a new business set up in Dubai, there are many opportunities that you can pursue. There are many benefits to starting a beauty salon. The initial investment is low, and the required staff is easily available. Besides, high-quality customer service and effective social media marketing will attract and retain clients. The capital required for starting a beauty salon can range from AED 150,000 to AED 300,000.

List of profitable businesses to start in Dubai:

There are several profitable options if you want to start a business in Dubai with minimal initial capital. One of these is a freight forwarding business, where you can help companies and individuals organize their shipments. In this line of business, you will deal directly with the customers. Another lucrative option is a ladies’ beauty salon. If you have the right knowledge about cosmetics and skincare products, you can open your salon in your home.

Cost of setting up a business in Dubai:

You should consider business registration costs to set up a new business in UAE. These fees vary according to the type of business you wish to set up and the location. They are in addition to taxes and other government fees. UAE offers several advantages for foreign entrepreneurs. These advantages include the tax-free business environment and the freedom to repatriate profits.

The cost of starting a business with 50000 AED in Dubai depends on several factors. First, the location of the business will determine how much the rent of an office or building will cost. In addition to rent, a business license in Dubai will cost you additional fees. 

Share capital requirements:

When establishing a business in UAE, the minimum share capital requirements can vary depending on the type of business. For example, a company must have at least AED150, 000 in capital to become an LLC. However, sometimes, a company does not need a minimum share capital. In such a case, the minimum share capital requirement will depend on the licensing body.

Locations for setting up a business in Dubai:

Various locations in Dubai are suitable for setting up a business. Some of them are Business Bay, Deira, and Sheikh Zayed Road. In addition to these, Al Qusais is also a good place to set up a logistics business, as it is close to the airport and offers cheap apartments. Whether you want to set up a company or sell goods, you should find the right location.