The participants of DOTA2 Champions League

The Alliance (Sweden)

Less than a year ago the Swedish team literally conquered Europe, then China, and after that – the entire world. The reigning champions of The International have never sought to impress the audience, betting on their usual hero pool. But, in order to hold their grounds, the squad will have to reconsider their usual approach.


 Joakim «Аkke» Akterhall (Full support)
 Henrik «AdmiralBulldog» Ahnberg (Hardlaner)
 Jerry «EGM» Lundkvist (Support/Ganker)
 Jonathan «Loda» Berg (Carry)
 Gustav «s4» Magnusson (Solomid)

Team Empire (Russia)

After a long journey and constant roster changes, the Empire, as it seems, has finally found its style. Even their standard picks are always flavored with some unusual hero or decision. This season will be their first in our league. We’ll see what they can show us.


 Airat «Silent» Gaziev (Carry) 
 Roman «Resolution» Fomynok (Solomid) 
 Andrey «Mag» Chipenko (Hardlaner) 
 Andrey «ALWAYSWANNAFLY» Bondarenko (Support) 
 Ivan «Vanskor» Skorohod (Support)  


RoX.KIS (Russia)

Outside the box thinking and unusual picks – that is the calling card of RoX.KIS. Their captain succeeded on many occasions at popularizing some unexpected heroes, while the team itself succeeded at conquering even the mightiest opponents. Let the new meta be with them!


 Artur «Goblak» Kostenko (Support) 
 Stanislav «BzzIsPerfect» Glushan (Carry) 
 Vladimir «Yol» Basov (Support) 
 Vadim «Sedoy» Musorin (Hardlaner) 
 Alexey «Solo» Berezin (Solomid)
 Ivan «Uranium» Kapustin (Stand-in)  

Evil Geniuses (USA) 

2014 was a really successful year for EG. They became one of the best Dota teams in the world and the strongest American team.
Some may say that the main reason of their success is young Canadian talent Arteezy, but he's only one fifth of this team, which shows us the highest skill of playing Dota.


 Mason «mason» Venne (Carry)
 Artour «Arteezy» Babaev (Solomid)
 Saahil «Universe» Arora (Hardlaner)
 Ludwig «zai» Wåhlberg (Support)
 Peter «ppd» Dager (Support)
 JingJun «Sneyking» Wu (Stand-in)

Fnatic (Europe)

Undoubtedly, there were better times for Fnatic. But their play hasn’t been stable for quite some time. On the other hand, the average level of their performances has significantly improved. So, D2CL will be a good occasion for them to show what they’re capable of now.


 Tal «Fly» Aizik (Full support)
 Johan «N0tail» Sundstein (Support/Ganker)
 Adrian «Era» Kryeziu (Carry)
 Kai «H4nn1» Hanbueckers (Solomid)
 Kalle «Trixi» Saarinen (Hardlaner)
 Steve "Excalibur" Ye (Stand-in)  

Natus Vincere (Ukraine)

One of the world's most renowned teams. They have a unique, aggressive playstyle. They know how to claim early dominance and effectively use it later in the game. Their high personal skills levels and great teamwork make Na'Vi a fearsome enemy even for the best Asian teams


 Daniil «Dendi» Ishutin (Solomid)
 Alexander «XBOCT» Dashkevich (Carry)
 Clement «Puppey» Ivanov (Full support)
 Kuro «KuroKy» Salehi Takhasomi (Support/Ganker)
 Gleb «Funn1k» Lipatnikov (Hardlaner)
 WehSing «SingSing» Yuen (Stand-in) (Russia)

The Bears have been feeling seriously feverish lately. Players would leave the team, and then they would come back. New soldiers would turn out to be the old, but well-forgotten ones. Nevertheless, changes had a positive effect on them: a renewed roster managed to capture a slot in D2CL. We can only hope that the new roster will avoid the faith of their predecessors.


 Yaroslav «NS» Kuznetsov (Support) 
 Sergey «Smile» Revin (Hardlaner) 
 Sergey «GoD» Bragin (Solomid) 
 Egor «Jotm» Surkov (Support) 
 Dmitry «illidan» Pivtsaev (Carry)  


Power Rangers (Belarus) 

Many fans wanted to see the Belarusians in the D2CL season two. Despite the fact that the team has little titles to their name, ерун still manage to attract a lot of attention with ерушк unusual play style and picks. PR’s outside the box thinking has repeatedly brought them easy victories against the world’s best teams. 


 Aliaksei «j4» Lipai (Support)  
 Artsiom «Fng» Barshak (Support)  
 Roman «Scandal» Sadotenkov (Solomid)  
 Yauheni «chshrct» Kastrama (Hard lane)  
 Uladzislau «Moonlight» Mikhtseyeu (Carry)  

MYM (Denmark) 

MYM has experienced players in their roster who show high individual skill. But lately their teamplay and performance have been a little sloppy. Despite that they have gathered themselves up, deserved a spot in new season of D2CL and are now ready to compete for the main prize!


 Jonathan «Unicorn» Arge (Carry)  
 Marcus «Ace» Hoelgaard (Hardliner)  
 Andreas «Cr1t» Nielsen (Support)  
 Sylvester «Link» Hoelgaard (Support)  
 Christoffer «Ryze» Winther (Solomid) 


Relax (Russia)  

The players of this team have been seen many times on pro-scene. They play Dota 2 using everything there is: fast pushes, agressive heroes and AoE spells. One of their unique heroes is Axe, a hero very rarely seen in professional Dota games.
Recent changes in their lineup haven't yet given them the opportunity to show their true potential, so this league is a great chance for them to show what they are capable of!


 Oleg «Crazy» Kolisnichenko (Mid)  
 Andrey «Dread» Golubev (Support)  
 Maxim «Shachlo» Abramovskih (Hardlaner)  
 Maxim «Yoky» Kim (Carry)  
 Evgeniy «Windx» Vlasenko (Suppot)
 Igor «Nexus» Lisakovsky (Stand-in)   
nextkz.png (Kazakhstan)

Without any doubt it's the best team of Kazakhstan, who prove it on every local tournament they play. On international tournaments they also appear quite often, but unfortunately they mostly can't reach the top places on those. Can they break this unlucky streak? Place your bets!


 Yernar «Mantis» Urazbayev (Carry)
 Ilya «Stalcat» Dorman (Hard lane)
 Nursultan «Reeves» Askerov (Support)
 Alexey «watafaka» Nuzhyn (Mid)
 Andrey «eQual» Railyan (Support)
 Daniyar  «LuCky» Kasenbaev (Stand-in)

DreamTeam168 (Russia)

Very often a good player attracts other good players, and together they make a really strong team. In case of DreamTeam168, it went just that way.
PGG and other 2 players from his former team joined DreamTeam168 with 2 new players. Maybe it really is that dream team which they have been searching for so long?! We will know it very soon!


 Vasiliy «AfterLife» Shishkin (Hardlaner) 
 Vladimir «PGG» Anosov (Support) 
 Vitaliy «zxc» Domostoy (Solomid) 
 Artem «Newb1k» Pivarovich (Carry) 
 Alexander «Nofear» Churochkin (Suppot)
 Vladislav «blowurbrain» Morozhuk (Stand-in)