D2CL presents: ManagerX

A team with a good manager is never late for matches, knows the rules and follows the instructions of league organizers. Either way, managers perform a huge amount of work which hardly anyone can truly appreciate.

We in D2CL have decided that is is time to finally change it! The community must know the heroes behind their favorite teams who do everything they can to please both organizers and fans. This work can not be underestimated and should be highly appreciated.

D2CL will give team managers motivation to work at highest level, as following the results of Season 4 online stage, ManagerX (chosen by voting amongst league administrators) will get 5% from money gathered from ticket sales as well as a special cup to emphasise their awesomeness.

This is what Dreamz Media CEO, Mark Averbukh, has to say about this new project:

"During my e-sports career I've worked twice as a team manager: in 2001-2003 at CS 1.6 team forZe and in 2012 at Dota 2 team Moscow Five. What can I say about that? Those were the worst days of my life! Maybe because I was a terrible manager or maybe the players' tempers were too complicated. Making compromises, hard decisions, always choosing what's best for the team – it's just a small part of what a person, responsible for well-being of 5 players, has to do. It is hard work and those who do it deserve appreciation. I don't know who will become ManagerX in Season 4, but I am assured that everyone will do their best to earn this title."

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